Teach Happy, Ms. Nally!

A special educator staying positive in trying times.

belated weekly teachspiration

Strong Children

Hi readers!  I apologize for failing to post Teach Happy’s weekly teachspiration last Monday.  Work and grad school have been keeping me really busy.  Just turned in my last paper of the fall semester yesterday! 😀

I wanted to share this quote because I believe Frederick Douglass makes a great case for emotional learning in the classroom.  Far too often, the public perceives our emotionally disturbed students, our students with severe behavior challenges, our students who need 1:1 aides (or perhaps even 2:1 aides), as an unnecessary expense on the education system.  We’d rather put that money into prisons than into the teachers or paraprofessionals or school counselors or the BCBAs who can teach these children emotional regulation and prosocial behaviors.

My fellow special educators, by taking the time to teach young children socially appropriate ways to self-regulate, by teaching them healthy ways to manage their emotions, we are drastically reducing the likelihood that this child will wind up incarcerated as an adult.  What we do matters!


~ Miss  Nally


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